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Snake twine salman Khan now hospital

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Salman Khan: Snake twine Salman Khan, hospitalized, how much is Salman Khan now

Last Monday was the birthday of popular Bollywood actor Salman Khan. This day is celebrated by all the fans of Salman Khan in India and other countries. But this time all the fans of Shalman Khan are very sad. On the eve of his birthday, actor Shalman Khan was bitten by a snake. Following the news of the incident being spread on social media, some fans are worried about the health of Salman Khan. As usual, this time Shalman Khan went to the Salman Khan Farmhouse in Panvel a few days before his birthday. In the farmhouse, Salman Khan is bitten by a snake. Fans and friends and family are worried about this news. Popular actor Janak was immediately admitted to MGM Hospital in New Delhi’s Kamothe area after being bitten by a snake. According to the doctor’s side, the snake bite was not poisonous. So there is no need to worry about his health. According to an ABP report, actor Jane Nisha has been discharged from the hospital and will return to his farmhouse in Panvel at around 9 a.m. today. She is OK.
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